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The Latest Rambles

  • Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!
    As I undergo major life changes that are both exciting and terrifying, I have been struck by the divinity of so much in life. Maybe divinity is the wrong word…More
  • the three most important words you will ever recieve
    Season. Your. Toast. Season your toast because self care is often a finite resource and sometimes you have to crack open your favourite rock in order to have two new…More
  • What Do I Give A Fuck About?
    I recently watched a video from Leena Norms (which is excellent, and I encourage you to check it out) in which she said: ‘I feel like I wander round, bumping…More
  • thank you to peter mulvey
    On July 20th last year I was falling a tad in love, and I heard the song The Other Morning Over Coffee by Peter Mulvey for the first time. I…More
  • partitioning
    When I was small, one of my favourite past-times was doing sums. I would spend hours thinking up different numbers and multiplying them by eachother, adding them up, dividing, subtracting;…More
  • an introduction
    Hi, I’m Uri, and I am writing a blog… probably. I am trepidatious to firmly stand my ground and proudly, without uncertainty, say ‘I Am Writing A Blog!’ You see,…More

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